Why use i3Soft to create HMRs?

You have a word processor, so why do you need a website to make your HMRs?

Good question. It is quicker! Using our templating system, the common elements of your HMR are automatically created from the data entered.

One of the biggest problems with using a word processor to create your reviews is it is difficult to reuse your data. Can your word processor report on the kinds of issues you find? Using our website the data is very structured, so reusing, claiming and reporting becomes easy.

Every step of the way our software helps make the process easier. Managing referrals, writing reviews, claiming payment, reporting issues. With i3Soft you will find the process seamless and fully integrates with your workflow.

Consider some of the many benefits:

  • Everything is stored in the cloud. You can access all of your files from anywhere, without the need for a word processor.
  • With the innovative templating system, you can automate common elements of the report allowing you to focus on the clinical components of the review
  • You have a powerful tool for collaboration with colleagues
  • You can use evidence-based decision support tools to help identify issues
  • Every HMR comes with a free MedeList, a powerful tool to inform and educate patients, which includes tablet images.
  • Every HMR comes with a free Morisky Questionnaire, a validated questionnaire to assess adherence.
  • You can use our templating features to store commonly used issues to speed up review creation
  • There is a seamless integration with the Pharmacy Programs Administrator website allowing fast payments with a one-click button.
  • You can close the loop on the review process - We have a GP reminder letter generator to make sure you get the valuable feedback from the referring GPs to improve your practice
  • You can make a HMR followup service from your HMR, drastically reducing the time it takes to make one of these services.
  • We use evidence-based decision support tools to help you identify potential issues with the review
  • We don't know everything. Sometimes we need help. We have a powerful forum tool that allows you to get help from colleagues. We even reward you for answering questions!
  • We store medical data using databases recommended by NEHTA
An example MedeList