Currently use another on-line vendor for reviews?

Don't worry, i3Soft will 'buy out' your credits with another on-line vendor!

How does it work?

  1. Create an account with i3Soft and use the free sign-up credits to complete your first two reviews.
  2. Contact and provide evidence of your current contract with your existing provider including the number of credits and their expiry date.
  3. You will receive a voucher to the value of your credits with the other vendor to use on the i3Soft website.

Pricing structure*

Reviews can be purchased with non-refundable in-site credits. The costs are:

Services Cost
RMMR 10 credits
RMMR followups 5 credits
QUM 3 credits
HMR 10 credits
HMR followups 5 credits
MedsChecks Just 5 credits
MedeLists Only 3 credits
Morisky Compliance Checks Free
Immunisations Free
Absence certificates Free

Credits can be purchased securely after logging in using the credits page.

Twitter integration

For a limited time only, users who tweet their HMR /RMMR purchase by selecting 'Tweet reviews' preference get a one credit refund per successful .

Forum participation

You can also earn site-credits by participating in the forums. Click here for more information.

Credit costs

Buy 10 credits
$ 11.00
Buy 30 credits
$ 32.67
Buy 50 credits
$ 53.90
Buy 100 credits
$ 104.50
Buy 150 credits
$ 155.10
Buy 200 credits
$ 204.60
Buy 500 credits
$ 495.00
Buy 1000 credits
$ 880.00
Buy 5000 credits
$ 2750.00

*Prices are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.