Why use i3Soft for your RMMRs?

You have a word processor, so why do you need a website to make your RMMRs?

Good question. It is quicker! Using our templating system, the common elements of your RMMR are automatically created from the data entered.
Can your word processor make a claim form, or perform decision support?. Using our website the data is very structured, so reusing, claiming and reporting becomes easy. You only ever need to enter a piece of information once, after that it is reused automatically.

Every step of the way our software helps make the process easier. Managing referrals, writing reviews, claiming payment, reporting issues. With i3Soft you will find the process seamless and fully integrates with your workflow. The whole way through, i3Soft has you covered.

Everything you need is stored in the cloud, so your files are always with you, and you can work where you want to, when you want to. There is no need to have a word processor to create your reviews.
Because everything is stored in the cloud, sharing with your business partners is easy - just set up a group, Add them to the list, select which activities they are allowed to do and they can work with you on your reviews. Simple.