What is the i3Soft client?

The i3Soft client is a Windows PC program that runs on Windows® 7 or greater that allows a user to purchase HMR, RMMR, MedsCheck, or MedeList patient services and copies a recent distinct patient history to the website to reduce the burden of transcribing medications.

The i3Soft client currently supports the following dispensing systems:
Aquarius dispense®
Minfos Dispense®
Fred Dispense®
Lockie LOTS dispense®
Webster care®
Z dispense®    
If you wish to use the i3Soft client to upload patient details and medicines and your dispensing software is not listed above, please contact support.

How easy is it to use?

Using a simple wizard process you can easily make a new patient service and securely transfer patient details along with a recent distinct medicine history in less than one minute. See this video for more details.

Why isn't Windows XP supported?

Windows XP® does not have the necessary security features to securely transfer patient data, and is no longer supported by Microsoft.®

Download the i3Soft Client software